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I also forgot to mention that I love my Xbox, I love Microsoft because of my Xbox, and I’m not rooting for an Antitrust case.  Unless that case ended up, you know, with me running the Xbox division.  Or the Microsoft division of Microsoft.  No, no, let’s just stick with the original plan.  Let me run the Xbox division.  FREE PLANTS VERSUS ZOMBIES FOR EVERYBODY!!!!


Community’s coming back!

Can’t wait to watch the DVR of it, right after, you know MOUNTAINS of school work.

Seriously, if my school work was an actual mountain, it better be the mountain on Wudore, full of insane experiments where non-copyright infringing X-Men mutants fight against some insane creation by the High Evolutionary or something.  Or maybe it’ll be like the serene mountain of Wu Tang, where Shaolin monks flee from an oppressive emperor to train their minds and body in the rivers of chi flowing from their martial arts.
Who am I kidding?  If my school work would be a mountain, it would probably be Splash Mountain, full of build-up and hope, but ending in a terrifying drop through a dark tunnel where I am the only one in the ride who happens to get wet.  WHY AM I ALWAYS THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS SOAKED TO THE BONE AT SPLASH MOUNTAIN?  I blame racism.

Oh yeah, so Community’s back on tonight.