Oh Thank You Cos!

Bill Cosby gives an olive branch to the Black Community?

Via the L.A Times:

“I’m disappointed at people who don’t look at the woes and the trouble given to this man,” Cosby told CNN’s Candy Crowley, referring to allies on the left who have complained about the administration. “People blatantly speaking out against his color, wasting time, starting up new stories about whether or not he was born here, saying things that they can’t prove.”

The actor and comedian said he feels sometimes that opponents want to make Obama’s job like “the one that Sisyphus had.”

“When you see that he made promises and said things and the people who were supposed to be working with him didn’t. The people who were supposed to be working, even for another party, didn’t care about the American people,” he said. “They wanted to get him.”

Nevertheless, he said he is confident the president will win reelection.

Can we acknowledge how silly it is for us to hate Cosby?  Can we go back to loving the man now?

“Excuse Me, but Can You Tell Me What Your Race Thinks About Mixed Couples?”

…those words were actually spoken to me yesterday (Thursday) around 6pm in the Stow (Maynard?) Shaws off 117 by a 80 year old woman.  Yesterday, while on the way to pick up my son, I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some food for dinner.  I wasn’t with my son or my wife, it was just me, wearing normal clothes (if by normal you mean my suit jacket, shirt with collar, gold tie, dress shoes….and sweatpants.  I like my upper-half to be formal and my lower-half to be chillaxin’), when this lady blocked off the aisle just as a I was heading to the self-check machine.  See, she has a “blonde-haired” granddaughter who…wait, let me just quote it directly:


S/FX “Thursday, April 12, 6 p.m.” appears in the lower right corner.

Enter COOLHAND, a young man, think Cuba Gooding, Jr. meets Will Smith with the body of Warren Sapp, is dragging a handcart filled with groceries after a long day.  Soft, hazy focus.  Sad trumpet playing in the background.

Enter WOMAN, who appears to be in her mid-80s, think an un-cute Betty White.  That’s probably impossible, so nevermind.  She shuffles towards our hero, COOLHAND. Continue reading

Today Was a Great Day…Take that Cube!

Beat this Ice Cube!
  • I don’t know if the best part of today was the moment when my keys fell down the slot between the stairs and the front door.
  • Or maybe it was the moment when in trying to pick up the keys, my suit got snagged on the concrete steps.
  • Or maybe it was the moment when it turned out that the keys got caught in the lock and then bent when I tried to turn them.
  • Nah, perhaps it was when i couldn’t get the keys out of the door way, so when I closed the door to the house to look for a new tool, the rest of the keys got slammed between the door and the door jam, bending the keys to my car.
  • Oh, actually it was the moment when after getting my spare keys, my car took 15 minutes to finally turn over its ignition and start.
  • That’s probably tied with the traffic on Storrow Drive heading into Boston, or the difficulty finding street parking to avoid price gauging garages.
  • what was also cool about tihs afternoon was when I put the spare key or my car on the car driver seat, and the spare key decided to slip betweenthe seat and the track the seat slides on.  So after about 15 minutes of me reaching down and around the chair, getting grease on my hands and sleaves (why is there still grease on those tracks)?
  • oh and of course ending up late for class was just the icing in the cake.
  • oh no wait, it was when my phone, which i turned to “no sounds” decided that this didn’t mean that it couldn’t start playing some mp3s while in my pocket.

New Post Over at SuffolkMediaLaw.com

You can read it here:

I also forgot to mention that I love my Xbox, I love Microsoft because of my Xbox, and I’m not rooting for an Antitrust case.  Unless that case ended up, you know, with me running the Xbox division.  Or the Microsoft division of Microsoft.  No, no, let’s just stick with the original plan.  Let me run the Xbox division.  FREE PLANTS VERSUS ZOMBIES FOR EVERYBODY!!!!